“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives…… ”

William James (1842-1910)

Mind Management Workshops by Ray Mazey

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There are two coaching services available:

Individual coaching - Tailored to suit your requirements.

Workshops - For further details please scroll down the page.

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Please note: We will not be asking participants to discuss any personal or sensitive information.

These workshops are designed to equip you with a toolkit of skills that can revolutionise self knowledge.  We will then discuss and demonstrate, how this can significantly improve  all areas and *issues in your life including:

Work / Life Balance, Goal Setting, Unhappiness, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Confidence, and Relationships.

* I always recommend that you also visit your GP if you believe that you are experiencing mental health issues. 

Am I the coach for you?  

I live in the real world and look at moving forward. Honesty and reality (I don't do fantasy) is how I am wired up, and this is reflected in the way I coach.   

I am truly empathetic. 

I have had my days in the past, where sometimes getting out of bed has proved a challenge, so I think I can relate to how some of you may feel at times. 

I know that life can be hard sometimes, and for some people it can be really, really hard.  

However, if you are expecting a meditation session complete with joss sticks and the sound of a babbling brook in the background (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that I feel there is a time and place) I am probably not the coach for you. :o)  

I may challenge you.

There will be times when I may challenge you to analyse and evaluate your thoughts, beliefs and actions (or lack of), in more detail. 

I doubt I will always be nodding along in agreement, so apologies in advance :o)  

I will assist you, not tell you what should or should not do.

Why? because that’s not my job, nor is it my life, its yours! 

I will  assist you on how to analyse and evaluate, different options and decisions, for your current and future life. You may then, after you have analysed all of the consequences, implement change.

However, at the end of the day, it will be up to you to make the changes, not me.

My aim is to significantly improve your life.

Although my head is pretty much sorted now, there is always room for improvement and that goes (or should do) for everyone.  So therefore I continually look to improve my mindset, using the same tried, tested and structured coaching process, which I have always used to coach my clients.  

The  feedback I have received and their change of mindset, makes me feel really fulfilled, and I feel sure you will too.

Win win  :o)

Still interested?  

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Important Workshop Information

These workshops have been developed with the aim of providing you with the tools to significantly improve, or even eliminate the issues that many people face throughout their lives such as:

After years of coaching and research, we have developed a Mind Management Workshop which is delivered in a practical, structured and easy-to-follow format.

Book the Mind Mind Management Workshop

On the day, we’ll work from the Mind Management Handbook, which will be provided at the start of the workshop. The handbook will guide your learning as we cover each topic, reinforcing your knowledge. You will probably also use the handbook for future reference.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions.

Topics we cover

Sometimes you need to dig deep to find the root cause of your issues. Click to find out more about our Mind Management Workshops topics:

The Mind Management Workshops aim to:

  • encourage participants to evaluate the importance and reality of their thoughts, beliefs and values
  • encourage participants to process negative thoughts
  • encourage participants to analyse and improve their communication skills (you will not be asked to demonstrate)
  • demonstrate to participants how the vast majority of issues and concerns, are linked to a lack of understanding or not implementing the above.

On completion of each Workshop, participants will be encouraged to:

  • identify the source of their concerns or issues
  • implement change after considering all of the consequences
  • focus on what is really important to them, which will significantly improve their lives.

Important! It is strongly recommended that you also visit your GP if you think or know that you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, as in some cases medication may also be prescribed.

Make the changes to put you back in charge of your life!

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