"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it."

Hans Selye (1907-1982)

Stress & Anxiety

Stress affects everyone. It is a very normal reaction that everybody experiences at some time; it seems that's it's an inevitable part of modern life caused by any number of issues.

Indeed, some people thrive on a certain level of stress. It only becomes a problem when you feel that the stress is becoming too much for you to handle.

Stress can cause numerous psychological and physical symptoms including:

Psychological symptoms: Feeling anxious, an inability to concentrate, low self-esteem and confidence, unable to cope, decision making becomes difficult, negative mindset, withdrawn and feeling alone, a lack of interest in life, avoiding situations and a lack of communication.

Physical symptoms: Feeling sick, breathing faster, headaches, chest pains, loss of appetite, sweating, feeling faint.

Some people turn to alcohol or smoking as a way of coping with stressful situations. However, this doesn’t make problems disappear! If you do not take control, the stress levels you are experiencing will just intensify.

Generalised anxiety

Symptoms are similar to those of stress. However, unlike stress, where you can normally identify the cause, with anxiety you are unable to link the cause to anything specific. Anxiety sufferers also tend to worry disproportionately, and tend to experience an ongoing feeling of unease, as though something serious is going to happen.

We strongly recommend that you visit your GP if you think or know that you are suffering from anxiety as in some cases medication may also be prescribed.

How we can help

On completion of the Mind Management Workshop our aims are:

  • Enable participants to better recognise and control the root causes of stress.
  • Participants will have the knowledge to improve their emotional strength / wellbeing, which can improve stress levels.
  • Enable participants to be better equipped to recognise the causes of anxiety, and implement the required changes to improve or eliminate the causes.

As with all the topics covered on the workshop, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for questions.

Mind Management Workshops by Ray Mazey

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Ray’s clients have said:

“I have gained stacks of information from Ray that I can implement into my life to make the changes I want”

LH, Ormskirk

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