"Never underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is, to some degree struggling. Just some people are better at hiding it than others"

Will Smith

Identifying Your Concerns and Issues

During your Mind Management Workshop, you will not be asked to disclose any personal or sensitive information.

Identifying concerns and issues can be a very emotional part in the journey to an improved life. However, if you do not find the cause of your issues, how can you fix them? For various reasons, it’s not always possible to fix our issues. Instead, we find the best ways to manage or accept them.

How we can help

Giving you the tools you need:

We will be covering this topic in a generic way. We fully appreciate that participants’ concerns and issues may be different, but we will look at how to identify and process them during the Mind Management Workshop.

The Workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge to assist you in identifying the sources of your issues and to implement changes (after serious consideration has been given to all of the consequences), or manage or accept what you cannot change.

Identifying concerns and issues is very personal, and sometimes painful, so participants will complete the details of this exercise after attending the Workshop. It is possible that the causes of your current issues may even go back to childhood.

If you are experiencing known issues which are too difficult or upsetting for you to deal with alone, we recommend that you see your GP.

As with all the topics covered on the workshop, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for questions.

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