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Focusing on our Goals

A goal is a target for something, sometime in the future; consider where you are with your life at the moment. If you didn’t do this, it would be like building a house on a weak foundation: in the long-term, it’ll fall down!

Having all the essential building blocks in place will be of paramount importance in the pursuit of your goals. The Mind Management Workshops covers a range of topics, with the aim of building a strong foundation.

Ray Mazey (Workshop Coach) thoughts and opinions on goal setting

I was always goal driven, and some may argue that to get things done you need to be the same. There can be great satisfaction from achieving a goal but, let's be honest, not achieving your goals can give you the negative feeling of underachievement which may not always be totally justified.

We know we cannot control the future and therefore you could argue you cannot fully control your goals. So what's the answer? Maybe that we should redefine our goals so that they are not quite as structured.

For example: Let's just say your goal was to lose 14lbs in the next 14 weeks. Is this possible? Yes, it is. However, in 4 weeks’ time your partner tells you that they have seen a cruise holiday which is an absolute bargain and extremely appealing.

It’s likely that there will be many temptations around food and drink which you may find difficult to resist. Again, there are no rights or wrongs as to how you could deal with these situations. You could be very well disciplined and stick to your nutritional plans. However, this could potentially put you under some pressure which may induce some stress, and possibly affect the whole holiday in a negative way. Or maybe you could, as I do now, be a little less goal driven; you could be more consistent and not as specific.

What do I mean by this? I took away my goals and replaced them with aims.

For example, my aim may be this: I am going to eat healthier, regular portions of food and take regular exercise for the rest of my life. I have not said every single day of my life as this may not always be possible or practical, but if I managed to achieve this aim for the vast majority of the time, I feel that I will achieve better long-term results than the targeted goal driven life that I led in the past and that some people still lead.

Goals or aims?

Achieving goals can be very rewarding, but not achieving them can have a negative effect on our general wellbeing. If you’re constantly setting goals, you may be constantly putting unnecessary stress upon yourself. Also you are sort of putting your life on hold, as in your mind, you may not be happy until your goal is achieved.

Maybe we should re-evaluate our goal setting and focus more on consistent, positive and realistic aims which will produce a satisfying result without the unnecessary stress of specific goal setting. Aims could be applied in our social, personal or workplace settings and will produce a long-term positive outcome rather than the normal ‘up and down’ feeling of goal setting.

This way of thinking may not be right for everyone! Some people, sportspeople for example, need to set themselves specific goals. And also, there are of course occasions, sometimes in our workplace, when a goal needs to be set to achieve a specific deadline.


Before we set aims or goals, we need to build a strong foundation, which will be covered on the Mind Management Workshop.

As with all the topics covered on the workshop, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for questions.

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