"No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent"

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

Confidence & Self Esteem

Although some may say that confidence and self-esteem have a very similar meaning, they don't always go hand in hand.


You may ask, ‘confident in what?’ You may be a very confident swimmer, but may not feel confident playing tennis. Or you may feel confident in your role at work, but not so confident if you were asked to carry out a new role.

Confidence is having evidence that you can undertake a task to a given standard. For example, I am confident I can install your gas boiler, because I have the experience and qualifications required. If I wasn’t confident, I could study to achieve the qualifications, and then gain experience until I became confident.


This relates to being happy with yourself, without requiring validation from others. For example, you don’t look for material wealth and possessions to make you happy. People with high self-esteem are quite happy to admit to imperfections or a lack of knowledge, as these things don’t affect how they feel about themselves.

Self-esteem isn't really evidence based. It is something that we feel, although we can still raise our self-esteem by managing our thoughts and how we see and feel about ourselves (belief systems).

How we can help

We will cover this in more detail on the Mind Management Workshop when we cover Thoughts and Beliefs, with the aim of improving your current levels of self-esteem and confidence.

As with all the topics covered on the workshop, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for questions.

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