"Love not what you are but what you may become...."

Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

Client Testimonials

Here is a small sample of typical feedback Ray has received:

"I have to compliment you. You had a wonderful style and knack of making me feel comfortable. I learnt a lot, thank you"

RH, Leeds

"It was only on reflection on my way home that I realised quite how much information you had delivered and how much I had learnt about myself"

HC, Liverpool

"Ray is straight talking and easy to understand, extremely beneficial session"

JT, Wigan

"Absolutely outstanding. Ray gets you thinking about your life’s options and decisions"

LB, Manchester

"Great coach, really got me thinking. I’m sure this will be a huge benefit to me in the future"

SU, Warrington

"I was surprised at how much I learnt from Ray"

AI, Bradford

"Ray takes pride in what he delivers. He gained my respect from the moment i spoke to him prior to booking. He is also passionate about what he teaches. Very informative. I will recommend him to others."

BB, Stoke

"I have to compliment you on you truly inspirational teaching. Pure genius. Thanks Ray."

LP, Southport

"Ray shows passion in what he coaches. Which has helped me considerably"

MP, Cheshire

"Well organised and informative. Thank you."

AB, Bury

"I gained a lot more than I expected"

HF, Lancaster

"Your approach and style to coaching I found to be non-judgemental, encouraging, supportive and non-intimidating. Really helpful, thank you"

BT, Bolton

"Ray pitched his coaching very well which kept me engaged throughout, excellent session"

MP, Leigh

"Ray is a very warm, friendly and understanding coach, extremely useful"

HB, Wilmslow

"Ray came highly recommended and I’m so pleased I came along. What I learnt on the day will certainly help me"

JM, Lancashire

"I have already found that I have changed how I handle a few situations and I am delighted with the results"

HMJ, Bury

"I have gained stacks of information from Ray that I can implement into my life to make the changes I want"

LH, Ormskirk

"Excellent coaching, gets you thinking in a different way"

MW, Rochdale

"Ray is a natural coach, I gained a lot from him and will certainly be recommending him to others"

AG, Leigh

"Ray exceeded my expectations, he was the most clear and concise coach I’ve ever had"

RZ, Leigh

"Had a very good experience and learnt a substantial amount about myself"

SM, Wigan

"I would definitely recommend Ray"

MO, Derby

"Ray was an excellent coach/communicator and made the experience very worthwhile"

CS, Preston

"Definitely key points raised that I would have expected myself to know, but didn’t"

MR, Altrincham

"Great confidence building practical / useable advice "

WT, Wigan

"Very happy. Well worth the long trip up north. Ray was fantastic and I learnt a lot that will be very useful"

DB, Birmingham

"Ray makes a lot of sense"

OD, Bury

"Ray is an excellent coach who is professional and approachable"

RH, Wigan

"I liked Ray a lot. Very logical and a lot of practical advice given"

VW, Leigh

"Easy to follow, interesting and informative. Thanks Ray"

JK, Huddersfield

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